Monday, April 27, 2009

Before April is over...

I had better post our Easter happenings before the month is through.
Easter just keeps getting better and better for me. It's a good time for me to reflect upon all our Savior has done for me... When I say me, I mean us - all of us. I had the chance to go to our Stake Easter program, A Walk With Christ, April 11th. My sister in law, Tania is in the same stake as I am, so we went together. We started at the scene of the birth of Christ which is always a touching thing for me to think about, especially now that I am a mother myself. I couldn't imagine such lowly circumstances while bringing such a precious miracle into the world. All that aside though, what a happy time! We continued on from room to room... Jesus teaching as a child, different miracles he performed, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Judgment, the Crucifiction, the Resurrection, the Reflections of Christ DVD -which I love. It was beautiful and very touching. At times it felt real. The people wore clothes that made them look like they were from Jesus' time. Some of them had their parts memorized and spoke like they really had been face to face with Jesus - as a friend or enemy. The last room was about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon - restoring the Gospel of Christ to the Earth again. I am grateful for this time of year to REALLY think about what our Savior, Jesus Christ did for me. Now, that I have children it means so much more, because I love them so much. I know that Jesus lived and died for them too, and suffered so much so that we could become like Heavenly Father and live with him and eachother forever. It means so much to me. It's indescribably wonderful!

Easter: part 2

Our Easter festivities lasted about a week, I think. I don't think Andrew really cared, though - he's only two, after all. It was fun for him. Saturday he dyed eggs with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Leonard and had a luncheon at Great Grandma and Grandpa Terry's. Sunday we had Easter baskets then went to the park with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Leonard after church to eat and have an egg hunt with all the cousins. Due to Andrews nap we missed the hunt but he was lucky enough to get the last egg. :) A few days later he dyed eggs and had an egg hunt with Grandma Jean. The day after that we dyed eggs at home and had our own little egg hunt. Andrew just loved it all and is still begging to color eggs all the time.

Andrew got an Aqua Doodle and a Book of Mormon picture book along with all his candy.
Grant got a rattle... he loves it.

Coloring eggs was a hit! Luckily we only managed to spill once and stain just our fingers. Easy clean up.

Grant just sat in his bouncer and squealed and talked the whole time. Good boy.

Andrew had a blast finding the eggs he colored, candy eggs, and eggs with rubber bugs in them. Bugs are his new favorite thing. Grant tried to hide from the bright sunshine behind my shoulder all the while.