Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Messy Munchkins

The fun has just begun with this little one! :)

Here are just a few examples of Andrews silly messy ways...

Peanut Butter is a real treat to him and he can get it out all by himself.

He found the Cinnamon&Sugar daddy left on the countertop... yum.
This one wasn't really that messy. Andrew unscrewed a brand new bottle of baby wash and dumped it ALL in the tub. He likes his bath bubbly and evidently I didn't put enough in for him to enjoy it.
As soon as I've cleaned one mess up, it seems Andrew has already made one or two other messes to be cleaned up. It's worse now that he has learned to open doors and cupboards and can climb up almost anywhere. He loves to pull dishes, blankets, and books off the shelves. He pulls all of his toys out of the closet and scatters them everywhere. Meal times are the most fun... he doesn't seem to care about his personal hygiene so much. When he is done eating there is food all over his face, body and the table & floor. Do 2 yr olds really have to be so messy? Not to mention all the messes that potty training entails!!! Sometimes I get real tired of cleaning up after everybody. Is this just a phase or will this be my life until my children are grown and gone? I would love some advice from all you mothers who have learned some good ways to teach your children to clean up after themselves... or keep from getting dirty :) and making messes in the first place. Is that at all possible?
Our little ones are so fun and give us too much joy even through all their craziness!