Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long AND Boring...but good for me. :)

I thought it only right to get in at least one post this month. Sadly it's nothing too exciting becuase it is very last minute and I'm too lazy to download any pictures.
Last Thursday, I had the opportunitee - thanks to my old mission companion, Natalie Jones - to have the LASIK procedure done. Natalie works for Standard Optical in Holladay (SLC) UT. They were having a two day friends and family discount of slightly more than 50% off. Two eyes for less than the price of one. GREAT! I jumped at the chance. I have always dreamed of doing this, but thought I would have to wait forever. So, thank you Natalie for letting me in on this terrific deal. The doctors and assistants were wonderful. The procedure itself went so much smoother than I had imagined (maybe thanks to the little valium pill they gave me prior to) and only took about 10 minutes. The worst part was having my eyelids pried open (yep, that was pretty painful) and my eyeballs suctioned so they would stay in place (they were numb, however, so it was just more uncomfortable than anything else). I heard a few snaps crackles and pops, smelled burning flesh - sorry for the gorry details - and I was good to go. My eyes were blurry right after but improved immensely over just 5 hours. The first day they felt grainy and uncomfortable. After my first nights rest they just felt like a bad day of contact wearing. Now they just feel dry. I have antibiotic and steroid drops to put in 4 times a day for 7 days and moisturing drops for comfort whenever I need. The more I use those now, the less I'll have to use later - so the dr. told me. Hopefully I won't have a dry eye issue for the rest of my life. When I went to my day after checkup, I tested at 20/20 with both eyes open and the Dr. told me I would continue to improve over the next week. It's so strange to be able to see and not have to worry about glasses or contacts. I love it, and I definately recommend it for those of you thinking about doing it.
Sorry to those of you who have been begging for updated pictures of the kiddos. I'll try to be better and get on that right away.