Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm not sure what I was thinking posting this so late!!! I WASN'T THINKING!! Grant is being blessed this Sunday, February 1st, at 11:00am. Anyone who can come is welcome to. Our church address is 954 E. Walnut St. the red brick building on the corner of Jefferson Ave. and Walnut St. I am so sorry I didn't invite sooner. Anyway, you are welcome to come, but don't feel obligated. However if you are coming let me know so we can have enough food for those of you who want to attend the luncheon afterward. I apologize again for the late notice!!!

Need some advice....

YEA!! Andrew did it again! Last night he peed in his potty after a whole day of me trying to get him to go! - and another accident on the wood floor(easy to clean at least.) I was so excited. I would love to hear some advice from anyone who wants to give it. How did you potty train your kiddo?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Maybe just a fluke... I hope not!!

Saturday was a very exciting day!! I walked into the bathroom in the morning to put my makeup on and Andrew followed, as usual. He was playing with his little boy potty I bought him a couple of weeks ago and said 'poop mama, diaper off', which he has done before. I thought it was normal, and continued my business. I took his diaper off and he sat on the potty for a while. Suddenly he hopped off the toilet and said 'pee mama'. To my surprise he really had peed! I was so excited! We gave him some candy and praised him for the rest of the afternoon. We took the boys to see Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Leonard that night while Jake and I went out. Grandma put him on her toilet and he did it again. Grandma thought since he went potty she would let him run around without his diaper off, which he LOVES. However, he had an accident on the tile. At least it was on the tile. Saturday night Grant slept seven hours strait! WOW! He is just one month old! I hope he keeps it up! SATURDAY WAS A GOOD DAY!!
Sunday I would ask Andrew if he needed to go potty every hour or so. He didn't ever seem too interested. I let him run around with his diaper off... that seemed to help our friend's little boy potty train, so I thought I would try it. He had an accident on the carpet!!! EEEK!! He had another accident today, this time on Grant's play mat - I really think it was intentional ;) - at least I can wash that!! But I really think all of this just might pay off. I walked in the bathroom again to put my makeup on today and Andrew was already sitting on the toilet. I think I scared him. He stood up really fast and started to run from the bathroom and a little brown suprise fell from his bum! I am quite delighted that he seems to be doing so well!! Wouldn't it just be heavenly if we didn't have to buy or change diapers for Andrew much longer?!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I'll definitly continue to work with him at it!