Monday, August 18, 2008

Mommy survey...

ALL THE PROUD MOMMYS: Fill this out!
-Age of baby/babies?
18 months and one due December 24th
-Names? Jacob Andrew and Ross Grant
-Birthdays? Feburary 22 2007
-Time of birth? 10:20 am
-How long did labor last? Starting from when I got to the hospital... aprox. 7 hours
-How long did you push? aprox. 1 hour
-How much did your baby weigh? 7 lbs. 7 oz.
-Any hair? yes, enough to be so so cute!
-Who does your baby look Like? Definitly Jake
-Be much weight did you gain? 25 lbs
-Was baby early or late? 2 days early, hopefully this time I will be as lucky - don't want to be in the hospital Christmas day if you know what I mean.
-How many baby showers did you have? 2 showers, 1 for family, 1 for friends
-Did you breastfeed? Yes, one year
-Who keeps your baby(ies) the most? Me mostly, occationally we let the grandmas sit for a bit.
-When do you wanna have another? Dec 20th would be fine
-How did you know it was time to go the hospital? I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop moving my legs and if I walked around I had to lean against the wall every couple minutes. That wasn't normal, I knew it was time to go.
-Anyone spend the night with you first night home? My mom was so kind and stayed a few days after Andrew was born. She slept in the living room with him and held him when he cried, she only woke me up when it was time to nurse him. SO NICE!
-Did you cry the first time you held your baby? No, I think I was crying a little from the pain, but when the doctor put him on my stomach all I could do was smile. I was so excited and happy to see him.
- Who cut the cord? Jake
-Where was the baby born? Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello ID
-Did you record the labor? No way! There were a few pictures taken, but none that invaded my privacy. I think people who record the whole process are CRAZY. (Not to offend anyone.)




Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy done good...

I finally got brave enough to cut Andrew's hair on my own. I bought some hair clippers, then took Andrew to my mom's for support. Jared started me off and showed me it wasn't so hard to do with clippers. I was pretty excited about the results. He looks dang cute with his new cut! Here are some before and after pictures....



Oh wow! I have a cute boy!

Also, I finally bought a new camera, same make and model as my last one just updated and better quality. Therefore, I have put up about five new posts, mostly pictures. I have had to catch up. Hope you enjoy!!

Dutch Oven and DIRT!

We went with Grandma and Grandpa Terry to Justice Park for Dutch oven dinner! Mmmm it was good. But Andrew enjoyed the dirt the most - he likes to dump it all over himself then rub it all over his face and hair. What fun! Thanks for a good time Grandma and Grandpa!

Bear Lake Trip

Early July was our big trip to Bear Lake with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Leonard. We had a great time! Andrew loves the beach. He enjoyed riding around on the boat with mom while everyone else did water sports. Being pregnant, I couldn't do much, but I got brave and went tubing. Great fun!! Daddy did what he does best... Wakeboarding. Most of our time however, was spent on the beach. Andrew loved every second of it. He had his own little pool to play in, and he LOVED digging in the sand. It was an excelent weekend!

New Camera... Time for pictures...

An old one, but so flippin' cute I couldn't resist posting it.
Another old one.
Andrew loves talking to Daddy on the phone.

He's adorable even when his feelings have been hurt.

Andrew visiting Great Grandma Lineberry.
Andrew looking SO cool!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Andrew's new SISTER or BROTHER...

We found out what are next little person is two days ago. I was so excited because the Ultra Sound with Andrew went so well. We went to the same place but had a different technicion. We don't think she really knew what she was doing. The pictures weren't as clear and last time they gave us a cd with pictures and a bunch of 4 second clips of Andrew jumping around. I asked the tech this time if we were going to get video of him. She said 'we don't do that here'. So all we are left with is a cd of somewhat unclear pictures of our little person! All that aside, though, we were very excited to finally know what we are having. The poll ended at 70% girl (14 votes) and 30% boy (6 votes). It pretty much stayed 70%/30% the whole time. I think I biased the survey by saying I really felt like it was going to be a girl in my last post. Sorry to have decieved you, but Jake is right again. It's a BOY!! (Tee he he he he... I tricked you with the pink, didn't I?) I'm so excited. I have been wanting a boy because I think it would be fun for Andrew to have a little brother to pick on and play with-or vice versa. Also it is nice to have some clothes, toys, blankets etc. already for him. Of course we will get some new ones, but there will be plenty for him. Yea!! I love boys!! I am really out numbered now, but I love it!

His face structure looks different than Andrew's did in his ultrasound so we think, maybe, he will look more like me than Andrew does (hopefully not too much like me-for his sake). I guess we'll have to wait and find out.