Monday, May 18, 2009

A new empolyer...

So, as I said long ago, and as most of you probably already know... Jake is now under new management. He is his own boss now! Mwaha ha ha ha! :) He sells bullets online to those who like to reload their own. No powder, no casings, just the tips. His website is if you are interested in seeing a little of what he does(AND if you are into buying bullets yourself or if you know anyone who is, pass it along. :)).
I am truly amazed at how good he is at what he does. Not that I should be - he is, after all, incredibly awesome at everything he pursues. I am just so impressed at how well he handles this private business of his, considering he has never done anything like it before. He has done stucco for himself before, but this just seems so much more involved. He has excellent customer service skills. He is great at researching everything about the supplies he sells, so he is more than qualified to sell them. If his customers have any questions, he has a satisfying answer everytime. His customers have sent excellent feedback. Everyone states they recieve their purchases faster than from any other company. Several people have told him that they would rather buy their bullets from him than the well known company they were purchasing from before. He works very hard and is GREAT at it!
He got his buddy, Todd, in on it, too. Todd builds websites so he is the reason there is a website at all and why it looks SO good. He also helps alot with the financial aspect of the business. He assists in packaging the bullets which helps Jake quite a bit. Jake would have me help with that part, but I have our kids to look after. Thanks to Leonard, they have a place to keep their bullets and package them so they are not all over my living room. YEA!! Thank you Todd and Leonard!
This is an all around good thing for us. He works in the mornings now, so we get to have him with us at night. SO GOOD FOR FAMILY LIFE. Granted, he still has to answer emails, texts, phone calls, and research prices and other info in the evenings. It is very worth it to us. Jake loves doing it because it is one of his passions. The hours are not as long and we love having daddy at home.
We will see how it goes this year. If it doesn't work out for some reason, law school here we come. It is going wonderfully for now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

No accidents - Day 1

Andrew was SO good today! He did not have any accidents in his pants or elsewhere, for that matter. He woke up from his nap without a drop in his diaper - I hope that's a good sign. I even took him to Grandmas house with underwear on and he made it there and back without any problems. I love it! I hope this is the beggining of a great potty trained life for our little man! GO ANDREW!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Call me freakishly WEIRD...

Yesterday I was thinking how good I have it. I love my precious boys so much. I was thinking how great it would be if I only had boys... at least, that is what I was thinking yesterday BEFORE I went to Tania's ward enrichment night with my mom and Tania. The original plan was to eat dinner then make cute cards (thank you, congrats, get better, welcome baby, etc.). Then I saw it. One of the tables was set up for making those cute little baby girl head bands I am seeing everywhere that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! They are so adorable.... I could not help myself. I bought one of each color and had the hardest time picking out the flowers to go with them because there were so many cute options. I ended up taking the card project home with me because I spent so much time putting head bands together. What is WRONG with me?? I don't have any girls and who knows if or when I will have any. I was out of control! I guess I do want girls after all. Aren't they just too precious! I can't wait to have one of my girls wear one. :) I can switch the flowers to a differnt color band if I want. Andrew was very curious as I was admiring them...
I showed him what they were for. I told him they were for little girls, but he was sad when I took it away from him. Jake didn't like that I even tried it on him. So funny! I tried it on Grant too but it looked too girly... I couldn't take a picture.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Pictures!!

Here they are...
Our scanner isn't the highest quality so they aren't so great, but it's better than nothing. Our family pic and the one of just Jake and me are actually in color, but all the dark color bled together so I made them black and white. Next time we'll go with a photographer who will let us have a cd or negatives!