Friday, December 3, 2010

Soy pobre

I was thinking I would not do christmas cards this year because we are as poor as any law student comes. However, a friend of mine posted this SHUTTERFLY promotion on her blog and facebook and I decided I would give it a try. You should check it out too. Click here to find out how you can get 50 free holliday cards. There's tons of designs to choose from. I am having a hard time deciding which one I will pick because they are all so cute. Since we haven't been able to take family pictures -for the lack of moolah- I don't have a whole family shot, so I'll have to pick one with multiple pictures. The offer ends Dec. 10 so hurry fast! All you have to do is mention Shutterfly on your blog, then you are set to go. I have a hard time every year deciding what to get people for christmas, granted it's easier with a little $$$. However, if you are looking for christmas gift giving ideas, there are many other cool items on this site. I personally like the calendars or the photo books. They are very affordable and Grandparents love them!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trick or Treat?

It was a cruel trick of nature to be sick on the day of the wards trunk or treat this year. SO, I broke all of my rules and took the kids out when we were all feeling better, on halloween... Sunday. I couldn't go without trick or treating when Andrew had been anticipating months in advance. And Grandma Terry made him the cutest monkey costume. (Sadly I told her the wrong size to make so it was a bit small, but it worked. You can see the velcro under his chin in the pictures. It obviously wasn't too tight but he complained anyway. We let him have his way so he could enjoy trick or treating. It looked much better when it was closed all the way. Eh, what can ya do?)
It was a treat to see all my kiddos, as cute as can be, in their costumes. Too bad I didn't get to show them off at the trunk or treat dinner party. Oh well, wasn't sure I wanted to bring Alexis out anyway. We only went to seven houses. The boys seemed satisfied with that and we didn't want them to have too much candy anyway. It worked out pretty well considering.

Andrew loved 'carving' the jack o lantern. He didn't really carve anything or even scoop very many pumpkin guts out, Grandma Sandy did.
His favorite part was seeing it after the candle was lit inside of it. He insisted on eating by pumpkin light for every meal. It was fun until it got moldy and we finally had to throw it away.

How lucky we are....

We are so so blessed to have such wonderful family! Jake's mom, my mom & dad, and Jared were able to come help us out the first two weeks of Alexis' life. We just loved having them here. The boys had someone to give them attention at all times while I figured out the newborn schedule all over again. They had fun!! I always look forward to having family with us and it ALWAYS goes by WAY too fast. Thanks for making it up here! We love you all so much and miss you while we are so far away. Can't wait for Christmas time!
Grandma Sandy and Alexis
I guess it will be a while before we get a good picture with the boys. Andrew can't stop moving and making faces. I guess Grant has a good excuse in this pic, he threw up a couple hours later.
Out of the ten or so pics we took with Uncle 'Jar-lid' this was the best one of the boys. Unfortunately 'Jar-lid' is a kid himself and made faces in all of the pictures too. Sorry Jared, it's what you get for being such a goof!
3Generation pic
Grandma and Grandpa Terry -Amazed the boys sat still for this one.
While Grandma Sandy was here Andrew got the 24 hour tummy bug... Then Grant, but he had it 48 hours... I got sick the day Sandy went home... Sandy after she got home and Jake soon after me. We were lucky to have Sandy there to help with the sick boys (sorry that you got it, though, Sandy). Luckily we didn't pass it to my fam!

Big Brothers

Andrew and Grant have both been super big brothers. They want to love and hold baby Alexis when ever they see her. They give kisses and hugs frequently and try to play with her. Alexis is one lucky little sis!

Aside from Alexis, though, Grant and Andrew both have turned into two year olds. They play off of eachother. Andrew likes to see if he can get Grant to do naughty things, then if Grant does it, Andrew follows suit. What am I to do with two wild boys? I sure do love them, but any tips or advice on matters of discipline would be good for me... feel free to share.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Blue Eyed Beauty

She's here! Alexis Michelle was born October 22 2010 1:26pm 7lbs 5oz 20 1/2 in.
Right before I was induced.
Little sweetheart decided she didn't want to come on her own. Hopefully that is a sign of being a very content baby -so far she has been- and not a stubborn one. ;) Jake took me to the hospital Friday morning 7am to be induced. (Thank you so so so much, Tanya, for taking our boys all day and then some!!!! That was a big stress off my shoulders while all the Grandmas are so far away.) As soon as I got settled in the labor and delivery room Jake left for school. Dr. Ting gave me my first and only dose of cytotec at 8am. After laying in bed, watching TV, and being monitered for over an hour, they let me get up and walk around to get the contractions going. Bonnie came to visit me, knowing Jake wouldn't be there. She thought I might need some company. It was unexpected and very thoughtful of her. She helped the time fly by. (Our Genesee friends take GREAT care of us! :)) Jake came for his lunch break and left before Dr. Ting could make it back to give me my second dose. Turned out I was all ready to have the baby and he broke my water. I knew it would be a short time before she came, so I had to call Jake to tell him he couldn't make it to his last class of the day. By the time Jake got back I was having really painful contractions. He noticed I didn't have any drugs in my IV. I just assumed that because the nurses at Portenuef Medical Center hooked me up with pain releif the moment I started feeling uncomfortable pain that I was already getting medicine through my IV. I told the nurse I needed nubain, but she told me the anesthesiologist would be there in twenty minutes and claimed that it wouldn't be good for the baby at that point. (I don't know what the heck she was talking about... I had nubain with both Grant and Andrew and nothing was wrong with them! I wish I wasn't such a pushover all the time. I should have insisted because it is my right!!) Anywho, when it was time for me to push, sure enough, the EPIDURAL specialist had not arrived and I was left to my own devices. This is something I swore over and over again that I would not do and ended up being a VERY painful thing - just as I expected - something I never want to experience again. Honestly, I never knew I could scream like that. However, GRATEFULLY, I survived AND it was quick!!! An hour after Dr. Ting broke my water, our precious darling was here. I will say, recovery was easier without the drowsy after effect of the epidural.
Her face was very bruised and vessels in her eyes broke because of the fast delivery.
Daddy and Alexis
Dr. Ting and Alexis
Out of the two boys we think she looks more like Andrew, though her face is rounder and lips are smaller. She has more hair than both of the boys had as newborns.
Alexis is a very good baby. She cries quietly and very rarely, only when she is hungry or cold. She typically only wakes me up once in the middle of the night to eat, then goes right back to sleep. I am so grateful for this. With three YOUNG kids and Jake in law school, I am blessed to have a newborn I can handle. :)
Side note: Thank you Laura for watching my boys for my last several checkups before Alexis came. I don't know what I would have done without you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Shower

I know, I know... it's not my first child, why did I get a baby shower? Well, it is my first girl after all... AND seriously we are just well taken care of here. Tania and Natalie insisted on throwing the shower. It turned out great. Fun people, fun games, wonderful gifts, yummy desserts, and AWESOME people... did I mention AMAZING people! Thank you Tania again! Thank you everyone. Seriously, we recieved adorable clothes and important baby items that we didn't have. They are all needed and appreciated! Thank you, thank you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

'bout time for an update....

Okay... so maybe it's been a while. I'll try to include some events that have happened from after christmas up to now without blabbering on and on and on. You may have to scroll down a bit to catch it all. We have slower internet than we had before, so it takes FOREVER - literally - to download pictures. Sadly, I won't be posting as many as I want to.

February 4th was our 4th Anniversary. Due to the fact of celebrating with a cruise in Sept. '09 we decided not to do anything fancy... however Jake surprised me with THIS...

two days later, after I thought we had decided against having one until we lived in the country. Actually, I assumed we would never have one at all - anyone who knows Jake can understand that. We named her Naci, which happens to be the name of Jake's cousin. That sounds horrible doesn't it? Actually it has nothing to do with the person, although Jake LOVES her. We had a hard time coming up with a name, but when Jake mentioned NACI we both thought it was perfect. Don't worry, he asked permission first. Surprisingly, Jake likes our pooch quite a bit... most of the time, when she isn't digging or chewing. Andrew adores her. He loves to play with her. Grant seems indifferent right now. He likes her at a distance - she is just too big for him. I have found that it's hard for me to enjoy a dog like I did when I was younger, now that I have kids and other adult responsibilities of my own. However, I still love her and find that she fits our family well.


Andrew's third birthday was Feb. 22nd. We had a little party for him with a few of our family members. We had a strep throat scare so we didn't invite many people. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. I was feeling sick all day and didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I managed to forget the balloons AND slaughter my first decorative cake. I made a train and though it didn't work out... ANDREW LOVED IT. :) He didn't want anyone else to eat it. He didn't want to eat it either but he sure loved picking the candy off. He enjoyed all his gifts, as did Grant, and it was fun to have family with us.

Andrew grows up more everyday. He keeps us laughing and on our toes. He loves insects, toy guns, books, playing at the park, digging in the dirt, dogs, laughing, being independent, singing primary songs, running around without his clothing, imitating dogs & spiders & Grant.

THREE... Oh my!!

To our SURPRISE we discovered the reason why I was feeling sick on Andrews birthday is because I am pregnant with our third child. Jake was super excited and I... well, mostly I felt nervous but in a very happy way. I definitly didn't look forward to the months of nausea and vomiting especially with two boys that keep me running at all times. That part is over, however. I am now into my third trimester and I'm feeling very good about having another little one.... AND OUR FIRST GIRL!!!!

Pink and purple, dresses and bows are definitely on my mind. Do you remember these??? I can finally use them...

Here is her bedroom... still hunting for a cheep dresser, but it's super cute in the mean time.

Here I am 31 weeks... I can't believe only 9 to go ~WOW!

Law School...

Soon after we found out we have a baby on the way, Jake recieved his acceptance for law school. While I should have been overwhelmed with excitement for him, fear at the thought of being a somewhat single mother of three young children while Jake goes to school struck me. I still have moments of engulfing fear at the thought, but I just have to believe that we can make it through. It's been done before, we can do it. I am so proud of Jake for all that he has done and all that I know he can accomplish. Although I know there will be plenty of hard days without Jake around, I am glad we have this opportunitee and I look forward to the adventure.

Jake started school today and I already miss him like crazy!! It will definitly be different without him at home so much. He is going to ROCK IT!

New Adventure...

Part of our preparation for law school involves moving 10 hours from our Pocatello families and friends and 10 EXTRA hours from our St George family... We are now residing in the nice little town of Genesee population 900 and some odd - 20 minutes south of Moscow. We live in a cute little yellow house on an acre of land surrounded by farming fields and beautiful sunrise/sunset scenery. We arrived here the weekend of July 4th - our celebration of our AMAZING country's independance was spent unpacking, and so, quite small this year. We appreciate all of the help our families gave us in process of the big move - babysitting, packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking... etc... Thank you a million times over. It would have been impossible without you. We are REALLY enjoying our new place and the new SPACE in and outside of the house. The boys have more room to run around and play, as does Naci. We have had no problems with her running away. Even when we leave all day long she sticks around. It's quite wonderful. If anyone feels like making the trip, we would love to have visitors. Welcome all who want to see the beauty Northern Idaho has to offer.

Here are some pics of the rooms in the house minus Jake's office.


Grant is getting bigger and smarter and more fun for us to have around. Andrew enjoys him most of the time too. They play well together. One of my favorite sounds is the two of them laughing together. His favorite things are cars, bubbles, toy guns, eating, smiling, hugging, kissing, cuddling, music, dancing, singing, and screaming. We aren't really fans of that last one - this boy has accoustics like you wouldn't believe, he came that way. Here are some pictures of our little G-man...

Since we moved, Grant has been upgraded to a big boy bed. We tried to get Andrew to sleep in the BIG big boy bed but he was determined to keep HIS bed. That's okay, can't say I blame him. So, Grant gets to sleep in the big one and he does wonderfully!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newest family pictures...

Here's our family pics from November, some of my faves anyway. - taken professionally by Jake's sister, Brittany Schley....