Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lovin' our Grant...

Alisa has been begging me to post pictures of Grant everyday. Sadly, I haven't been so great at taking pictures lately, but here's a taste of what I have. (I still don't have blessing day pictures because I forgot my camera. I will have to get pictures from Britt and Sandy. They took some pretty good ones. I'll post those soon.)

Here he is at about two weeks. It's sad how fast they grow out of the newborn stage.

We've all decided that Grant looks alot like his mommy but has the hairline of his daddy. I truly thought looking like me would be a bad thing, but there is just no denying how adorable this little guy is. (Many people have mistaken him for a baby girl, however. LOL!) It's amazing to me how two very different looking children can look so similar and both be so beautiful. I love that Andrew looks like his dad and Grant looks like his mom yet anyone can tell they are brothers just looking at them.

Little smile.

Kiss from big brother.

I can't believe how fast this baby is chunking up. I swear he doubles in fat rolls everyday. He is now over 12 lbs. He's almost doubled his birth weight and he is only 5 days shy of 2 months. WOW!

This is what Grant looks like after Andrew gets ahold of him. :)


The Lindquists said...

Wow, he is growing up fast! He sure does look like you Kristina. I can't wait to see him (hopefully sooner than later).

jill kynaston said...

Shut up! He totally does look like you Kristina! I usually just say that to be nice when people think their babies look like them, but he totally has your beautiful face (in a manly way). Congrats on another cutie! :)

Angie said...

He really does look like you, Kristina. I love it! What a cutie. Remember when Lydia told you that she had a friend that looked just like you and she pulled out a picture -- it was a guy!? haha. Well this is not like that. This little Grant has a very nice, strong face. He really is a good-looking little boy. And you are so beautiful: feminine and lovely. That worked out well!