Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Messy Munchkins

The fun has just begun with this little one! :)

Here are just a few examples of Andrews silly messy ways...

Peanut Butter is a real treat to him and he can get it out all by himself.

He found the Cinnamon&Sugar daddy left on the countertop... yum.
This one wasn't really that messy. Andrew unscrewed a brand new bottle of baby wash and dumped it ALL in the tub. He likes his bath bubbly and evidently I didn't put enough in for him to enjoy it.
As soon as I've cleaned one mess up, it seems Andrew has already made one or two other messes to be cleaned up. It's worse now that he has learned to open doors and cupboards and can climb up almost anywhere. He loves to pull dishes, blankets, and books off the shelves. He pulls all of his toys out of the closet and scatters them everywhere. Meal times are the most fun... he doesn't seem to care about his personal hygiene so much. When he is done eating there is food all over his face, body and the table & floor. Do 2 yr olds really have to be so messy? Not to mention all the messes that potty training entails!!! Sometimes I get real tired of cleaning up after everybody. Is this just a phase or will this be my life until my children are grown and gone? I would love some advice from all you mothers who have learned some good ways to teach your children to clean up after themselves... or keep from getting dirty :) and making messes in the first place. Is that at all possible?
Our little ones are so fun and give us too much joy even through all their craziness!


Dacia said...

Yep, he sounds like a 2 year old. Maybe try a a little chart that he can earn stickers towards a big treat or something like that. Keep stressing how big he is. Grants a baby but Andrew is so big. He's super smart so I'm sure with a little bribing picking up toys would be a good start. Kass is still struggling. She's such a slob, but we are making some progress. We're getting a new chore chart soon too!

Lisa said...

Hmm... well I remember those days with Kirk and Sara is just starting into them... So I know your pain! Most of the messes they make are not intentional. They are simply learning about the world around them! So if you approach it with that in mind, you might be able to find something to channel all of the messiness. Like, if you caught Andrew getting the bubble bath, you could tell him that you would let him put some in the sink or in a little tub in a dry bath so he can play with LOTS of bubbles (in a smaller area). And with the cupboards - I know it sucks, but using childproof locks works miracles. I found that once Kirk knew not to open the cupboards, life was a lot easier. Even Sara doesn't open them because Kirk doesn't.
I would suggest having Andrew help clean up his messes, but little kids enjoy cleaning so he might see it as a reward.
Regardless - you will get through it! Keep it up! Don't give up and let your house fall apart - even just seeing you clean up after him will make Andrew want a clean house when he is older and so he will help you!

theriosduo said...

It looks like you have your hands full. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking how much Andrew looks like you and Grant looks so much like Jake. Are you still running? I just ordered a jogging stroller so maybe I can join you.

Echo said...

Well, to be honest. I think every kid is different. For instance my oldest hates to get his hands dirty...even finger painting! I think that this made it easier to potty train. He never like being wet. On the other hand, my little girl doesn't really mind being dirty. She eats yogurt and refuses to use a spoon. I have tried a few times to potty train, but she just isn't getting it. We try to implament the "you have to put one toy back before you can get another" rule, but this doesnt' always work. Reward jars are good. Fill them with fruit snacks and good food! Good Luck!

Mark and Kristen said...

I can't believe how big they are getting!! How fun is that!? Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Furniss Family said...

haha so funny. These kids are so messy and get into everything, thats for sure. As soon as one thing is clean another is messy. i feel the same way, the cleaning up never stops. Good luck and all us moms out there, feel for ya too :)