Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Boy... Dec 17

Can't believe our little G-man is 2 YEARS OLD! His curious, smart, happy, loving, funny, playful, energetic ways just make all of us love him more and more everyday!! What a blessing it is to have him in our family!
We love you Grant!
He couldn't wait to blow out the candle. In fact he blew it out three times before we had the chance to sing happy birthday and take a picture.
Finally he waited long enough... have Andrew jump in and do it for him.

Couldn't shovel it in fast enough!

who doesn't love opening presents?


Marley Family said...

What a fun Birthday!

Rosa said...

I still remember when you had him -- I can't believe he is two!! How fun!!!

Echo said...

Oh they grow up so fast! What a cutie!