Thursday, February 24, 2011

picture overload

You have been beggin' and here they are. A whole load of pics in no particular order. Some old-ish, some new. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. I sure am blessed with beautiful, lively, fun, happy children.

How could you not want to squeeze these chubs?

Not always sure what to do with this one...

Grandma Sandy came for a few days. We loved having her. We celebrated Andrews B-day early. (this was the first of three different celebrations. is that so wrong? more pics to come of Andrew's birthday.) As you can see Grant is pictured with Andrew's new bike. Andrew is still a little timid. When the snow goes away I will get a pic with Andrew on his bike.

Right before Grandma left.

I think this picture is a perfect image of how the grandparents miss their grandkids when they are so far.

Finger paints were a perfect distraction to Grandma leaving.

Our first Thumb sucker.
Andrew didn't need a binkey or his thumb. Grant used a binky until right before Alexis came. Luckily it was an easy transition for him. Hopefully, since we can't hide, cut, or throw away the thumb, we won't have a problem with this later down the road. I think it's the cutest thing or maybe I'd worry about it.
Valentines Day. Jake knows how to make a wife feel loved. (Sigh)

The boys found a wrestling mat.

In one of those "oh crap, it's too quiet" moments, I ran to find Andrew just being his little creative self.


Marley Family said...

What a beautiful family!

jill kynaston said...

How I want to pinch those chubby cheeks!! Such a beautiful family! I'm glad Jake takes such good care of you with fun Valentines surprises. BTW, I totally do not remember introducing you to mini Cadburry eggs on the mission, but it sounds like me. I love that I contributed a delicious chocolate treat to your diet. I still don't get how you can scarf the plain old Hershey's chocolate bars. Not even any color to em!!

The Terry Clan said...

I love all the pictures! We sure miss you guys! Enjoy those cute kids!

Angie said...

Such great pictures. I love the crayon feet - I hope he colors like that! Love you - Angie

Dana said...

Your family is beyond adorable! I have always secretly wanted a thumbsucker. I think it is the cutest thing in the world. That pic of your baby with Grandma is the sweetest thing ever and the one of you little boy with crayons in his toes is awesome!! What a fun little fam you have!

Echo said...

Love all the photos! Beautiful Family!