Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Random Things...

I am finally giving in to these facebook tags and thought I would post on blogger too. I'm not going to tag anyone but if you would like to do it too, feel free. I'm sure I would love to know 25 random things about you too. WARNING: I may have made it a bit long.

1. Unlike most women I talk to, I do not like movies such as Emma, Pride and Predjudice, and Sense and Sensibililty. I guess they aren't that bad, but they are so long and dull. To enjoy them I have to watch them by myself after the kids are asleep, and usually by then I am so tired I can't stick with it anyway. I can't understand what the actors say because of their dialect, so there is no way to understand with kids around or a husband that complains about how horribly boring the movie is and continues to beg to watch something different.
2. I served a mission in San Antonio Texas. That's right Y'all!
3. I used to hate ice cream with a passion until I went to Texas. I absolutely love Blue Bell ice cream. I was hooked the first time I tried it, and when I came home just regular old ice cream had to suffice. I wish I still hated it - could do without those calories.
4. I met my hubby, Jake, in Jr high. I dated his best friend in high school for quite a while. He moved away and I hung out with Jake almost daily while he was away until they both went on missions. I wrote both of them, served a mission myself, came home and realized Jake was the perfect match for me! I love him more and more everyday!! Lucky me!!
5. I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder! I think it runs in my family because both of my sisters have it. I have it worse than both of them, however. My jaw pops and even gets stuck sometimes - for hours at a time a couple of times. That hurts pretty bad. To get it fixed will cost me an arm and a leg & a ton of time. I can't have braces until it gets fixed. :(
6. My mother always says she loved having babies. My sisters and I used to always make fun of her. Now I can't laugh at her when she says that because I think the exact same thing. It doesn't take long to forget the pain of having a baby. Precious little babies! I would love it if I could have as many as my mom did.
7. I talk in my sleep. Jake says its mostly just mumbling. I remember my friends telling me stories of what I said in my sleep at sleep overs. I would make actions too. Once I said 'carebares to the rescue' and put my hand in the air like superman. One of my friends told me the morning after she slept at my house, that I sat up straight like I was scared. She asked me what was wrong and I turned and grabbed her by the neck, let go, and went back to sleep. She said it took her a long time to fall asleep after that. She just lived around the corner but was too scared to go home by herself. Andrew must take after me. Just the other night, Jake and I went into his room while he was asleep and he said 'candy' out loud. He was out like a light.
8. I am a little bit obsesive compulsive when it comes to colors. I always have to put them in rainbow order. (markers, crayons, hanging my clothes.) Weird, I know.
9. The first time Jake and I danced was at a stake dance when we were 14 yrs old. We danced to the titanic song by Celine Dion. I considered that 'our song' for the longest time. Kind of funny because I hate that song now. :)
10. I lived in China for 3 months teaching with the International Language Program from Provo. It was supposed to be for four months, but we were there when SARS broke out so we were sent home early. :(
11. I hate contention. I try to avoid it as much as possible.
12. I used to hate being bare foot! I would always wear shoes. It even bugged me to just wear socks or flip flops. I have changed my ways though. Bare feet rock!
13. I have never been pulled over while driving.... knock on wood.
14. I hate needles. I usually pass out or come close when I have my blood drawn, no matter how hard I try not to think about it. Once I was supposed to have a urinalisis and my blood tested in order to go to China. I had never done a urinalisis before so I drank TONS of water unsure if I would be able to go. We did the procedures in the wrong order. I passed out while they were drawing my blood. They walked me over to a bed. When I came to, I asked if I still needed to do the urinalisis. They told me they didn't think I could. Then I realized my pants were wet. EEEEK! They sent a cup home with me and also walked me out the back with one of their sheets to avoid embarrasment! Right when I got home, I had to run for the bathroom. I drank alot of water that day. Probably not a very good story to share with everyone, but looking back on it now, I find it quite amusing! :)
15. Some of my favorite nicknames people have called me are Krissytina - my neice, Gracie started that one and everyone on Jakes side calls me that now, I love it!,
Sam & Goog - I'm not sure how those started but my brothers used to call me those when I was a little girl. Good memories., Special K - Hazen Pett, quite creative I think., Tink - that's what my dad called me when I lived with my parents. :), Kay May- that's what Jake calls me. :)
16. I was made fun of for having buck teeth when I was in elementary school. I never did, but my front teeth do look larger than the rest of my teeth and it was a lot worse before my baby teeth fell out. I think braces would help that a little. Too bad I can't get them yet.
17. I love my in-laws!
18. I, like many people I know, am addicted to facebook, email, and blogging. Everytime I see the computer I have to check for new posts.
19. I am a very quiet person. I always feel awkward with other people because I am always worried about not talking enough.
20. I love boys, namely JAKE, ANDREW, & GRANT!!
21. I can eat alot of milk chocolate. Jake bought me a box of 36 Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bars -my favorite- for Christmas. I shared some of them, but for the most part I ate them all in about 2.5 weeks. Not really something I am proud of. That's why I have to stay away from the candy isle when I go shopping.
22. I am going to take some photography classes some day! I want to learn to take awesome pictures like the pros. Just hope I am creative enough to do it! It would be great to take good pictures of my beautiful children!
23. I didn't like school when I was going. Now, I wish I would have tried harder while I was there. I miss it sometimes.
24. I am a crybaby when it comes to spiritual and family things.
25. I absolutely HATE grocery shopping, but love any other kind of shopping.


Dacia said...

We are so much alike. I despise boring movies. I love peanut butter cups (well actually the hearts and other seasonal shapes, they taste better) and yummy chocolate. I can't stop eating it when I have it. I also do crazy things in my sleep. I talk, carry on conversations etc. Recently I have been feeling like I'm falling and wake up and grab whatever is there (usually Matt.) The first time was his chest, then his face.... and you wouldn't think anything would be worse that having your face grabbed in the middle of the night, right? Wrong. I grabbed his man parts and actually bruised his testicle. Poor poor Matty. I wish I knew how to stop doing that. I love reading all about everyone!

Sheila said...

A couple things: one- I once tried to read Mansfield Park. The first page introduced about 15 characters. I put it down and haven't picked it up since. I am so sorry about your TMD! I hope you can get that fixed soon :( Your front teeth are supposed to be larger than the other teeth in your mouth. So you're not abnormal :) Braces won't help that either. They just change the position of your teeth. I too am a little obsessive with my colors. I arrange all my color pencils and markers that way! And finally- I hope you do take photography classes one day! They are so much fun! In the meantime, check out some websites on it for tips you can try on your own like changing your angles and your position (shooting from down below or high above). The more pictures you take and the more pictures you look at, the better you'll get. Sorry that was a rather long post I typed! Thanks for the great post- it was so much fun to read!

theriosduo said...

I have to share this with you...Zech and I went down to Salt Lake City for last conference. I had never gone before and I thought all the picketers were amuzing. That night Zech woke me up because I was screaming "Underwear are for sinners." I always talk in my sleep and it always seems like I say the stupidest things!