Monday, October 26, 2009

Playin' outside...

As much as I tried to get Andrew to play on the bike we got him for Christmas last year, he was just content to ride the one without pedals. He is an inch or so too short for the pedals anyhow. Maybe next year. :)

Andrews new found favorite thing this summer was bugs. He loves to crunch them with his fingers and try to pick them up. He killed a few spiders for me that way. EEEKK!! This got him in trouble a little earlier today. There was a hornet in his bedroom that no one knew about, hiding behind his curtains. When in time out, he found it. The hornet got the best of his finger. Poor Andrew. :(
I got some good use out of my double stroller, walking and jogging. It's a great get away for me and the kids.
We had a lot of fun playing at the park. That is definitly the place to go with the kids in the summer. FREE FUN! And they love it! Andrew begged to go to the park almost every day! I am sad that these days are coming to an end with the cold weather. We will have this to look forward to after the snow melts next year, that's for sure!

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