Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trick or Treat?

It was a cruel trick of nature to be sick on the day of the wards trunk or treat this year. SO, I broke all of my rules and took the kids out when we were all feeling better, on halloween... Sunday. I couldn't go without trick or treating when Andrew had been anticipating months in advance. And Grandma Terry made him the cutest monkey costume. (Sadly I told her the wrong size to make so it was a bit small, but it worked. You can see the velcro under his chin in the pictures. It obviously wasn't too tight but he complained anyway. We let him have his way so he could enjoy trick or treating. It looked much better when it was closed all the way. Eh, what can ya do?)
It was a treat to see all my kiddos, as cute as can be, in their costumes. Too bad I didn't get to show them off at the trunk or treat dinner party. Oh well, wasn't sure I wanted to bring Alexis out anyway. We only went to seven houses. The boys seemed satisfied with that and we didn't want them to have too much candy anyway. It worked out pretty well considering.

Andrew loved 'carving' the jack o lantern. He didn't really carve anything or even scoop very many pumpkin guts out, Grandma Sandy did.
His favorite part was seeing it after the candle was lit inside of it. He insisted on eating by pumpkin light for every meal. It was fun until it got moldy and we finally had to throw it away.


Marley Family said...

So cute! I love the little Monkey out fit!

Adam and Kym said...

Such cute kids!!