Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Merry Christmas ya old building and loan'

I love Christmas time! This year was no exception. Although, I am making it a goal of mine to get cards sent and Christmas shopping out of the way by the end of November from now on. That way December will be slightly more easy going, less stressful, and our family will be able to focus more on the true meaning of the season. I love that there is a whole month - or two - depending on who you are, dedicated to the celebration of our Saviors birth. (For me, Christmas begins as soon as Halloween is over.) Now that I'm all 'grown up' the excitement of Christmas is still there, but has changed quite a bit. Every year I feel increasingly appreciative of all that I have because of our Brother, Jesus Christ. With each additional family member, new friends, new trials & experiences, and also the trials & experiences shared with me by family and friends that have touched me in some way, there are more reasons to rejoice in His life. He is truly the center of everything.

In addition to my newer grown up excitments of the Christmas season, I still enjoy the Christmas trees, lights, decorations, music, and the anticipation of santa clause - especially now, with my almost three year old. It was so fun for Andrew this year. He got into decorating the tree with me. He really had fun putting the red bulbs wherever he wanted - mostly in the same spot, although after he found my candy canes, he delighted in just watching me place ornaments while he devoured his popcorn and candycane. I decided maybe it would be a better idea to leave the candy off the tree this year, knowing it would be an unneccesary struggle waiting to happen several times a day.
One of his favorite things to do all month long was take a ride and look at all the Christmas lights. He never failed to yell out in excitment about every single house with lights on it. Our ward had santa come to our Christmas party this year. Andrew was happy about it, but I think he was more excited about the fact that he asked Santa for a candy cane and got just that.
I wish these jammies fit Grant all year round. He looks so adorable in them.
Christmas morning was a blast. The kiddos loved unrapping the presents from Santa, but mostly it was Andrew unwraping everyone elses presents and his own. Grant just enjoyed playing with the new unwraped toys. P.S. It is very disappointing that I don't have stockings for anyone yet, although we still had stocking stuffers for the kids. I want cute, inexpensive -not cheep- stockings, each with the individuals name on it, but I also want to be able to get matching stockings for future children. Anyone have any good ideas? Should I just make them myself? Enough jibber jabber.... here are some Christmas day photos....

Christmas morning aftermath.

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