Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We did it!!!!

I have finally jumped on the running bandwagon. For some reason almost every single member of my family is into running - long distance running. Jared just started up this year, too. Eric doesn't run but he bikes all over the place just for fun. Crazy family! I had to give in to loose my post baby bump. It went away so easily after Andrew, but it just wasn't the same this time. I had to work for it. I have to say, it was REALLY HARD! Thank goodness Alisa was here in town to push me. She's a great coach! Many other people helped too, by example. I know so many people who have trained for and run 1/2 and full marathons this year. I was amazed at all of them and thought it was surely IMPOSSIBLE for me! I was wrong. I had so much fun. My sisters were there to do it with me. They are both faster than me of course, so they left me in the dust. :) I am so glad that Angela was there! We ran it together. We kept the same pace, so it was fun to have someone to talk to the WHOLE way! That was a blessing for me because I have never run more than five miles by myself - I was getting really nervous that I might not finish without someone to push me.
Me and my sistas before the run!!!Angela and I right before the race.The first mile...Somewhere in the middle.... (thumbs up, I'm still feelin' it!)
Mom and Dad were there to cheer us on and take pictures. It was nice to have a cheering commitee! Dad took several pictures, but for some reason I made the same DORKY pose in every one, so I will spare you.
The rush of adrenaline at the end was AMAZING!! I loved it! I will definitly be doing this again...... several times! Who knows, maybe I'll push for the whole marathon one of these years! AWESOME!!


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are my hero!!! WOW! That's all I can say!

jill kynaston said...

Suh-weet!!! Those baby bumps are killer. I should start running...or walking...or leaving the house.

Angela said...

Hey, I was still hoping you could email me those pictures. We sure did have fun, huh. It makes me want to go run right now!